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Jack Olsen

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Sphere, London, 1968
(first published in Great Britain in 1967 by Pelham Books)

The blurb on the back:

Cassius Clay took the world championship when he beat Sonny Liston at Miami Beach, 25th February, 1964. Floyd Patterson, Henry Cooper, George Chuvalo, Brian London, Karl Mildenberger, Lennie Williams, Ernie Terrell and Zora Folley tried to take it away from him, and they failed. Experts rate Clay, along with Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano, as one of the three greatest heavyweight boxers ever.
But Cassius Clay is also Muhammad Ali, outspoken opponent of the war in Vietnam and critic of America's brand of Apartheid. For that they took away his title.
Jack Olsen, senior editor of
Sports Illustrated, has talked at length with the men and women who have surrounded Clay - his family, hi first coach, his trainer, the businessmen who gave him his start and dozens of others. He also dogged Clay's own footsteps to present a first-hand record of a truly puzzling personality and a great champion.

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