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There's a Girl in my Soup

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Sphere, London, 1971
(first published in Great Britain in 1970 by WH Allen & Co)
price: 25p; 136 pages

The blurb on the back:

On the face of it, yes, Robert Danvers, famous for his words of wisdom about food, was, at over forty, a twentieth century phenomenon where women were concerned. He devoured them.
19-year-old Marion should have been a pushover. But she wasnít. What went wrong? Well, Robert was a quarter of a century longer in the tooth, and his methods of seduction were, to Marion, prehistoric.
The generation gap was showing.

opening lines:
Trying in vain to keep up with the memory slides that slip past as a shutter speed never envisaged by Louis Daguerre, Robert Danvers might be drowning.

A movie directed by Roy Boulting, starring Peter Sellers and Goldie Hawn, and with appearances by the likes of Diana Dors, Lance Percival and Tony Britton Ė this should have been a good Ďun. It wasnít. And, speaking personally, I can only see it as being of interest because the soundtrack featured the first published songs of the great Nicky Chinn, written here in collaboration with Mike DíAbo, rather than his future partner, Mike Chapman.

In the absence of all these elements, you wonít be surprised to know that the book really ainít up to scratch. The film was based on a play by Terence Frisby, with a screenplay by him and Peter Kortner. For the novelization, they brought in Raymond Hitchcock, and Ė apart from him being Robynís dad, as noted elsewhere Ė I have little positive to say about his work, or at least about any of it that Iíve read.

age before beauty
Mr Peter Sellers and Ms Goldie Hawn


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