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More Weird Tales
(Sphere, London, 1978)
price: 85p; 256 pages
(first published in Great Britain in one facsimile volume by Neville Spearman, 1976)

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Introduction - Peter Haining
The Valley Was Still - Manly Wade Wellman
A Weird Prophecy - Ken Gary
Winter Night - Alice Olsen
San Francisco - Caroline Evans
Heart of Atlantan - Nictzin Dyalhis
The Phantom Slayer - Fritz Leiber
The Eyrie - Readers' Letters
The Beasts of Barsac - Robert Bloch
Bang! You're Dead - Ray Bradbury
The Eyrie - Readers' Letters
Cellmate - Theodore Sturgeon
The Familiars - HP Lovecraft
The Pigeon Flyers - HP Lovecraft
Roman Remains - Algernon Blackwood
Displaced Person - Eric Frank Russell
To the Chimera - Clarke Ashton Smith
From the Vasty Deep - E Russell Wakefield
The Shot Tower Ghost - Mary Elizabeth Counselman
Tale the Z-Train - Alison V Harding
The Little Red Owl - Margaret St Clair
Ooze - Anthony M Rud

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