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The Cuban Invasion

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Ballantine, New York, 1962
price: 3/6, 160 pages

The blurb on the back:

Here for the first time is the full, unvarnished story of the Cuban Invasion - told by the reporters who know the story best.
Who can forget April 17, 1961 - the unhappy day when an invasion of Cuba sponsored by the United States melted into disaster in less than 72 hours.
In a hard-hitting and objective account two experienced reporters piece together the events in Cuba, Miami and Washington that carried a miniature army to defeat in the Bay of Pigs.
The narrative begins with Fidel Castro's rise to power, it traces the perversion of the Cuban revolution and shows how 'anti-Americanism' served Fidel's plans.
It describes the inept efforts of the CIA to create a secret army in Guatemala. It explains - if everything can - how an Administration staffed wit able and bright officials went along with a plan that could not succeed.
How did it happen? Here is the full story.
Karl E Meyer, on the editorial staff of the
Washington Post, has written extensively on Latin America since 1957. He interviewed Castro in the Sierra Maestra in 1958.
Tad Szulc covered the Cuban revolution during his six years as Latin American correspondent for the
New York Times. Not a member of the Washington Bureau of the Times, he reported the invasion build-up in Miami, and later inspected the battlefield with Castro after the debacle.