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Confessions of a Hitch-Hiker

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Pan, London, 1972
(price: 25p; 200 pages)

(first published by André Deutsch in 1970)

The blurb on the back:

'Getting lifts was a piece of cake - not because people are charitable by nature but because we're girls ...
'when you like a man you might as well enjoy him to the full, whether you've known him for two minutes or two years ...
'I just want to keep on movin' ...'
Two gorgeous sixteen-year-olds take to the road, footloose and free ... to live - and love - each moment of life to the full.
'a book chock full of all the goodies of the Permissive Society: sun and fun, freak outs, pot and brickering (stealing to the initiated)' -
Liverpool Daily Post
'spirited and tremendously enjoyable' - The
Irish Press

This is the first of the Confessions books, but as far as I can tell, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the likes of Confessions of a Pop Performer. The protagonists are female, the publisher is different and it's the only one written by Adrian Reid - apart from this book, three authors were credited with Confessions, each responsible for several volumes. The style isn't familiar either. According to the Foreword: 'This story was told to me by a young hitch-hiker I met, who called herself George ... Although some names have been changed for obvious reasons, it's essentially a true story.' Obviously I don't know whether it's actually true or not, but you can't imagine Timothy Lea even making the claim.

So I don't know whether this actually constitutes part of the series, or whether it just popularized a formulaic title that someone else then nicked.

Unfortunately, nor do I care. Because while this isn't quite as poor as the more familiar titles, that's not exactly a recommendation. In fact it wouldn't recognize a recommendation if it was introduced to one.