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Imperial Governor

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Mayflower, London, 1970
price: 8/- (40p); 416 pages

The blurb on the back:

Nero dispatched a distinguished general called Suetonius Paulinus to govern Britain, the most troublesome colony of the Empire. Britain in AD 59 was a wild territory of warlike tribes and human sacrifices, reputed to be the possessor of untold mineral wealth. Paulinus had one inflexible order: make Britain pay.
Two women welcomed the Roman sword, each in her own way:
Cartimandua, lovely queen of the Brigantes, enticed the new governor into her chariot and then into her bed.
Boadicea - big-boned, a massive figure of a woman - incited the Iceni to rebellion and hacked her way through the Roman legions with armoured chariots.