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Key Club

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Softcover Library, New York, 1965
(price: 75 cents)

The blurb on the back:

Behind Locked Doors...
It was a strange establishment - where liquor was served after hours and 'special entertainment' was available. To get in you needed a key, which cost you plenty. But it was well worth the price, everyone agreed.
In the firts place, there were the girls. It was their job to please, and they were good at it.
Secondly, there were the members. Male and female, they believed in togetherness - and they practiced it.
Above all, though, there was Nydra Tracy. Still only a kid, she ran the club to suit herself - and the keyholders.
...But there were exceptions. Before the club had existed, two of its current members had had relations with Nydra by force. She had never forgotten, never forgiven - and she meant to use her body as an instrument of revenge!

It's got a fantastic opening sentence - 'Nydra stared at the man who had raped her' - but it declines very rapidly and within half a page we're talking about a man who wants 'to drive his harpoon of lust deeper into her.'

His harpoon of lust?

While one is always pleased to see a revenge-on-rapists story, this isn't exactly up to the standards of I Spit On Your Grave. In fact, it's deathly dull. And the occasional 'sex' scene in which she feels 'his masculinity make contact with her shrinking flesh' does nothing to liven it up.

The only thing that's worth having is the collection of titles advertised in the back, which presumably also promised more than they deliver:

The Wife and the Wanton by John Carver - 'Under one name, she was a gracious suburban wife. Under another name, she lived a life of wild sexuality.'

The Woman Waster by Richard Orth - 'He used women on his own brutal terms. Yet they kept crawling back for more.'

The Lash by John B Thompson - 'Here was a woman who got her kicks in peculiar ways.'

Alcoholic Woman Ruth M Walsh - 'She was on a permanent sex binge. Any man could have her for the price of a drink.'