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The Lickerish Quartet

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Audubon, New York, 1970
(price: $1.25)

The blurb on the back:

'Lickerish.' Provocative of sensual appetite, hunger. Relishing pleasure.
Radley Metzger's
The Lickerish Quartet is a daring and imaginative motion picture that represents another departure for the producer and director whose other films include the internationally acclaimed Thérèse and Isabelle. Known for intense and daring interpretations of controversial themes, Metzger has here dramatically probed the power of illusion, the instability of truth and the persistence of fantasy.
Through its exploration of the effect of an erotic film on the people who watch it - and on the girl who performs in it - the picture constructs a maze of fact and fallacy through which the four central characters are compelled to find their way. The results are surprising - and shockingly graphic.
The Lickerish Quartet is indeed a very special film about a very special film - and the erotic world that surrounds it. It is quite unlike anything you have seen (or read) before. This volume presents the complete text of the original scenario, illustrated with more than one hundred uncensored stills from the exciting Audubon Films presentation.

Radley Metzger was an American film director who stumbled into the art-house soft-porn market in the late-1960s, and has since become a minor cult hero. This film, for example, is now available on DVD , which is probably more than it deserves.

Actually that's unfair. The film's quite fondly remembered by those who've seen it and it does have a very definite period charm. But reproducing the script in book form is probably taking the whole thing a bit too seriously. Assuming of course that it isn't just an excuse to print some saucy photos. Click on the picture below for a sample.

A couple of notes: I know nothing about Michael De Forrest, who wrote the screenplay, based on the story 'Hide and Seek' by him and Radley Metzger. And if you've never heard of the publisher, Audubon, before, that's because it's the production company founded by Metzger.

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