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Lust Gallops Into The Desert

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Brentwood, Hollywood, 1965
(price: 95c; 192 pages)

The blurb on the back:

Laredo Grant rode into the booming silver camp with the brand of an outlaw on him ... But in the middle of violence and hate, there was Molly ... the kind of woman a man would die for ... And if Grant wanted Molly for his own ... he just might have to risk his life for her, because Jesse Bly already had staked his claim ... and any one who tried to take Molly faced the deadly guns of Bly ...

You see, I feel a bit guilty (not very, but a bit) because I keep on introducing these volumes of 1960s soft porn, and I have so little to say about them. The reason is that there's so little to say. They are, in general, appallingly written, lacking in any erotic charge and of interest only as pieces of camp ephemera. Well look, this is a Western written for 'Adults Only', and this is what it's like:

He felt himself swimming in luxury, feeling the tingling of his blood as it pricked at his legs, arms and torso.
Presently May Wister began running her slender fingers down along his thighs and then across his stomach. She had a magnetic touch which astounded him, for he had never felt anything like it before.
Suddenly the two of them found lovers' heaven for the second time; and May Wister raised her arms gracefully, then folder [sic] her hands beneath her head, as though to give him complete mastery of the situation. He was amazed to discover that this simple gesture had a strong psychological effect upon him, stimulating his desire and his stroke. Indeed, May Wister was a master [sic] in the art of incessantly reminding the man that he was the conqueror - whether he was, or not. This was a very smart woman, he thought happily. (pp.81-82)

There's a kitsch value in some of the phraseology - 'swimming in luxury' is nice, as is 'lovers' heaven' - but ... er, that's it. In short, there's a very good reason why the vast majority of the sites that deal with books like this don't include reviews. There's nothing to say. It's all in the cover illustration and the title. Both of which are splendid.

Other books by the same author, we are told, are: Lesbian Gang,The Sex Demon of Jangal, Flaming Lust, Lavender Love Rumble, Squaw Trail, The Desert is a Woman, Silent Sex Trail, Laughing Gun, The Passion Tree and Passionate Peril at Fort Tomahawk. I can find out nothing about any of these, but according to a web-search Mr Brent would appear also to have been the author of Sir Gay and Hollywood Crime and Scandal. Make of all that what you will.