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Winners & Losers

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Virgin, London, 1988
(first published 1982)
price: 3.50; 320 pages

'When you're number one, you're beautiful...'
Thorn was beautiful and she was going to spend a lifetime selling it. She was determined she'd never be one of those foxy failures who haunt the small-time New York model agencies. She was going to the top, to the very same place as Johnny.
Winners & Losers is about Johnny and Thorn. A tennis player on his way up the ratings, determined to be number one, and a model who wants to be a face not a body. Between Los Angeles, New York, Paris and London their paths cross and recross. Someday, somewhere, they seem fated finally to love one another, but will it be too late?
Winners & Losers is an amorality tale for the eighties. It is about life firmly in the fast lane, the parties, the sex, the drugs, the power - and the destruction.

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