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Peephole Pervert

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Roydock, London, 1975
(price: 60p)

The blurb on the back:

Jerry Ritter was a voyeur ... he was an audience of one when the two young and nubile girls raped a young Adonis in a deserted garage...
He was present when the motorcycle gang violated, en masse, the young daughter of the tow doctor ... and he avidly watched the two lesbians in their bedroom when they thought they were alone ...
He enjoyed his private showings ... sought them out, in the dark alleys and dimly lit parks of a city cloaked in night shadows ...
Then he met Andrea, and he couldn't rest until he'd enjoyed her body in
all the ways he'd only been an audience to before..!

The title pretty much clarifies things. This is the story of a voyeur, which has the advantage - in terms of a porn novel - of variation: our hero can witness straight, group, lesbian, s&m sex. There should at least be some diversity of activity.

There is, however, a recurring theme. A strong homo-erotic tendency runs through the encounters that Jerry, the Peeping Tom in question, witnesses. Here are three separate scenes:

He had been wearing a form-fitting T-shirt that outlined the sharp etch of his muscular chest; his thick black belt captured his narrow waist. The worn blue jeans were like a second skin as they hugged his thick thighs, bit into his hips, outlined the power of his manhood.

Billy's sleek thighs exuded masculinity.

As for Jerry, he had to admit that he was nervously curious about Mike. He wondered if he was all man, and there were times when he wanted to spend a late afternoon at the steam and sauna baths at the building's tower, just to see Mike in his naked manhood.

I don't think I'm reading into this too deeply when I use the word 'homo-erotic', am I? In any event, it comes as no surprise when Mike gets round to raping Jerry in the gym; apparently 'he was fast and furious in his brutal attempt to gain satisfaction from this forbidden form of behaviour.' That, of course, is because 'Lust had transformed him into a Cretan bull'.

You get the general idea? An interesting range of sexual activity presented in coy terminology (I can live without reading the word 'manhood' again), which makes it not very effective porn. Quite fun, though.