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The Sadistic Twilight Killer

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176 pages

opening lines:
Jeri Liggett turned her quivering lips away from the moist, pink velvet sex and sank her teeth into the soft white thigh.

Back in the olden days, before the Lady Chatterley trial began the process of de-censoring Britain, you had to go to Paris to get your dirty books. There, Maurice Girodias had set up the Olympia Press, specifically to produce - in English - the literature that wasn't legally allowed to exist in Britain. Coyly titled the Traveller's Edition, these volumes were designed for British and American tourists to pick up whilst holidaying and take back home - at the risk of getting nicked at Customs, of course. Many of them were proper books, by the likes of Genet, de Sade and the like, but there was also a rich seam of straightforward porn, often with an S&M bent.

This book is not, as far as I am aware, anything to do with Olympia, but it shows every sign of being produced by one of the minor publishing houses that ripped off the idea. It has the customary lack of a proper sleeve and jacket notes - these things sold themselves, and anyway, you didn't want to draw attention to the filth you were importing - but it goes further and lacks everything else as well: no author, no publisher, no date. It is, however, French: the price on the back reads 'prix 48 NF, not to be sold in UK or USA'.

So, my guess is that it dates from somewhere around 1960, and is a simple steal of the style of the Traveller's Library, but if anyone knows anymore, I'd be delighted to hear all about it.

And then we come to the book itself, and it's pretty nasty stuff. There's a lesbian psycho who picks up her victims in gay bars, and there's a copper trying to track her down and ... er, that's as far as I got, i.e. about four pages in. Still, if period stuff is your bag, and you like the more violent end of non-consensual S&M, this is a genuine collector's item.