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This is not a major commercial operation - I don't have credit card facilities. Ideally, I'd prefer payment in British currency (pounds sterling only), but if you live outside the UK, let me know and we'll sort something out.

The system is: if you're interested in buying a book (or a set of cards), email me and I'll tell you my address so you can send a cheque.

If you email me to say that you've sent a cheque, I promise I won't take any alternative orders for that item - you get a few days for the cheque to arrive, with the book reserved for you. I'll get the book back to you immediately.

All prices quoted are inclusive of post & packing for the UK. Overseas orders will a bit of extra negotiation for postage.

The covers illustrated are of the actual items for sale. On the rest of the site, I sometimes improve the quality of the images, but these are guaranteed untouched scans of the books. To make it easier to see them, I've made the pictures larger than I normally use. (So they'll take a bit longer to load - they average around 50-55k.)

If you think the price for a book is entirely unreasonable, let me know. Let me stress again: this is not a business venture: nothing's fixed in stone, and I'm always happy to discuss things. (Doesn't mean I'm bound to accept offers, of course...)

I try to be honest in my descriptions of the books and the condition they're in. But obviously I can't guarantee anything. If you're really, really disappointed, then contact me on receipt and we'll sort it out. But I don't think it'll come to this, 'cos I'm not really trying to cheat you. Promise.

I assume that if you're making an offer for a book, or are buying cards, you have read these conditions, and agreed to them. I also would have to ask that you be over the age of 18, since some of the stuff here is what a wider society might consider adult.

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