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Holmes and Watson: A Miscellany

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Oxford University Press, London, 1953
(price: 10s 6d; 140 pages)

The blurb in the front:

Mr SC Roberts has long been known for his scholarly interest in Sherlock and Doctor Watson. His Note on the Watson Problem (1929) has been described as an incunabulum and his Life of Dr Watson as 'the standard biography'. Recently he contributed an Introduction of some length to the volume of Sherlock Holmes stories in The World's Classics. These and other essays are now brought together in a single volume for the benefit of the far-flung community of Holmesian enthusiasts. Another feature of the book is the inclusion of two unrecorded adventures - 'Christmas Eve' and 'The Strange Case of the Megatherium Thefts'. These two pieces, previously printed in very small editions, will be welcomed by all students of apocrypha.
Mr Roberts is Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge, and a former Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge.

As the sleeve notes indicate, this is predominantly a work of criticism and it has its moments of interest. It's included here, however because (a) the last 35 pages or so are taken up with a couple of new pieces, and (b) I've got a first edition, the only collectable bit of Sherlockiana I possess. What are the new pieces like? Well, one's a play, the other's a very slim tale, and both are okay. Nowt special, but okay.

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