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The Memoirs of Schlock Homes

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Equinox, New York, 1975
(price: $2.95; 162 pages)

The blurb on the back:

Homes is back!
Schlock Homes, once again, is alive and well and living at 221-B Bagel Street, London. With the faithful Dr Watney, he continues to astound the world with his amazing feats of observation and deduction, solving the 'unsolvable' in crime. Back, too, are Inspector Balustrade, evil Professor Marty, and the Bagel Street Regulars. And all join in some of the wildest escapades this side of parodies.
'Fast, warm and witty...A must for Holmes fans' -
Publishers Weekly

Not many things date as badly as humour. Mind you, I'm not saying that this was funny in the first place. Sub-Two Ronnies stuff from the pages of Ellery Queen magazine.

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sherlock holmes