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foreword by Lonnie Donegan
Skiffle: The Story of Folk Song with a Jazz Beat
Robert Hale, London, 1958
price: 10/6; 128 pages


The blurb on the back:
Brian Bird is an ardent jazz enthusiast, and founded the Boxford Jazz Club in Suffolk in 1957, and 'The Box River Jazzmen', their own Jazz band - quite an achievement in a scattered rural district. He is also a keen amateur actor who has regularly produced plays in his church at Groton, and was a member of the cast of the 'Suffolk Players' who presented TS Eliot's 'Murder in the Cathedral' at the Aldeburgh Festival and a subsequent short tour of Denmark in 1957.
By profession Mr Bird is a country clergyman who is vicar of Edwardstone and Groton, two small parishes in Suffolk. He has worked as a curate in various parts of London, and was a chaplain in the Royal Navy for four years.
Mr Bird, who is married, with one son, hopes to continue and develop his interest in Jazz and Skiffle, and to help to spread information about it, in every way possible.

trendy vicar
Rev Brian Bird

This scan was created on 4 November 2002,
in memory of the great Lonnie Donegan
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'Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O'