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Tim and Pete

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Fourth Estate, London, 1996
price: 6.99; 256 pages

The blurb on the back:

Tim and Pete were lovers. They meet again when Tim finds himself stranded on Laguna Beach with no option but call Pete for a ride home. The road leads them through South Central and West Hollywood by way of a host of volatile characters, eventually landing on the doorstep of a gay anarchist group who have enough explosives to blow the New Right off the map. The question is simple: do Tim and Pete try to prevent the group from using their fire power or do they let them go ahead and blow up every homophobe for miles around?
Tim and Pete is a moving book with a dark vision but is written with such wit, humour and zest that it makes you want to plunge into the story headlong.
'What is remarkable about Baker's writing is that, threaded effortlessly through the speculations on the Hardy Boys' sex life, is a very serious novel indeed.' -
The Times
'An excellent, deeply felt and often amusing novel.' -
Gay Times
'Emotionally engaging and provocatively entertaining.' -
Deadpan Magazine