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The Brigadier Down Under

more Peter Tinniswood

Pan, London, 1983
(price: 1.75; 154 pages)

dedication: For Doug Insole of Essex and England, who became such a good friend to us. And to Bob Willis and his team, whom I admire enormously.

The blurbs on the back:

'Esteemed reader, Far, far the mountain peak, as one of our English poets essayed, yet not as far as the distant landscapes of Australia from the familiar surroundings of my own beloved Witney Scrotum. Nonetheless, as one deeply enamoured of the 'summer game' I could not but follow our own fine team to their herculean test of leather and willow on the far flung turf to which I have already referred.
The experience was a mixed one. Australia is a land disturbingly full of Australians. It is as unlike the familiar damp greensward of home as a metal container of their unusually pale lager is from a foaming tankard of good old finest English ale. It is not a place to which I took an instant affection. The lady wife, perhaps was more adaptable, especially in terms of her powers of rainmaking and skill in the nets.
I am not a prejudiced man, but...'

cover illustration by John Lawrence