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Trick or Treat

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Granada, London, 1980
(price: 95p; 176 pages)
first published by WH Allen, 1975

dedication: For all the girls who helped

The blurb on the back:

Triple Treat
Kathy, a luscious Californian blonde, arrives in Paris looking for the gay life. There, she soon falls prey to the advances of the enigmatic Ille, an exotic Eastern beauty skilled in the sensual arts. A passionate romance develops. Together they share everything. But it is not long before they discover that the intensity of the relationship demands more than either girl alone can offer.
They want desperately to be a family.
They want a baby.
So, ironically they need a man. A man who's willing to play their sexual-games and become their unsuspecting stud...
Trick or Treat is a frank, outspoken novel about erotic game-playing and romantic taboos, but above all, it is a story of sinister sexual manipulation.

Now I don't want to upset you or startle you, but this really isn't very good at all. If you're not a lesbian, you probably won't find that it provides much insight into an alternative world; and if you are, you'll probably want to beat the hell out of Ray Connolly for writing such trashy, exploitative rubbish.

I can scarcely be bothered to say anything about this, but there are a couple of queries I might as well mention while I'm here. Firstly, why is a Jacuzzi referred to here as a 'jakoozi'? Jacuzzi is a trade name taken from its inventor, Candido Jacuzzi; is a jakoozi some kind of cheap imitation, or simply evidence of bad proof-reading? Secondly Eduard Munch gets a mention, as he does in the much, much better Backlash - was this some kind of Sapphic signifier in 1970s Britain? Thirdly, why name a character Arbus, when you know that everyone is always going to misread it as Airbus and get irritated?

Apart from these kind of minor details, this really is an awful novel. And for those who think of Connolly primarily as the author of Stardust, a perfectly decent little book, it can only be a major disappointment.

from the maker of:

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