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January-March 2002

good friday 29 March 2002
Christopher Leach Blood Games

it's Easter, here's a religious nutter, what more do you want?
first lady 25 March 2002
Pamela Kettle Day of the Women

Thatcher has announced her retirement from public life, so here's a novel about the first woman PM
best picture 20 March 2002
James Robert Baker Boy Wonder

for the Oscars, this is the best Hollywood novel of them all
daddy's gone a-hunting 17 March 2002
Sarban The Sound Of His Horn

bored by yet another Parliamentary vote on hunting? relax with a novel about hunting humans
doctor your eyes 10 March 2002
J Hunter Holly The Flying Eyes

to celebrate my birthday, a book published the year I was born
First Comrade Bob 4 March 2002
Robert Mugabe in Week Ending

for the Zimbabwean elections, here's Robert Mugabe as portrayed 17 years ago
Freaky 1 March 2002
Doug Lang