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These are the bits that have been added in the last couple of months. For stuff before that, you need to visit the archives:
what was new

29 November 2005
I just wanted to apologize for the way that this site appears to withering on the vine. It ain't really, but boy, have the last few months been busy. I have, at the last count, three books being published next September, and this has been the writing period - indeed, it still is for another month or so. I have books ready to add to the site, but simply haven't had the time. Bear with me and it'll all spring back into life in due course.

22 July 2005
The Sixth Man? What's that, then? Yet another spy book? Oh no, it's the shock claim that 'one out of every six men in America is a homosexual.'

18 July 2005
They may only be scans of alternative editions, but they're damn good: The F Certificate, The Sound Of His Horn, Good Luck, Mr Cain and When The Kissing Had To Stop.

19 June 2005
This is a good 'un: The Private Twilight of Jacko Tate.

17 June 2005
Some new stuff this time. There's the novelization of Sid and Nancy, the first volume of Laurence James' The Witches, and the 1960s sexploitation piece Insatiable. There's also the first two volumes in the Oliver Grape trilogy, a bonus Orrie Hitt scan, and the paperback edition of the magnificent Blood Secrets. Oh, and there's a new volume in the 4-Square gothic series.

1 June 2005
Same routine as last time, really. I revised the review of Breaking Glass, 'cos I re-read it, and I've added alternative editions for Poppy Mandragora and the New Sex and The Fourth of June. There will be some new books shortly, I promise - just been busy for the last couple of months.

21 April 2005
Here's some additions to existing pages, and some bonus covers: Another Stretch of Porridge, Imperial Governor, Corruption, The Fourth of June and Europe After the Rain.

30 March 2005
A good 'un and a ho-hum 'un Split Scene and Death List.

10 March 2005
These are both worth your attention: The Ballad of the Running Man and The Patriot Game.

8 March 2005
A couple of new sex texts from Luxor Press/Diamond Star. If you haven't caught up with these yet, try 'em out. They're good 'uns.

4 March 2005
There's a new book on the wrestling page, together with some new photos of old school grapplers - so if you want to be reminded of the likes of Mick McManus and Dr Death, check it out.

28 February 2005
Not the most inspiring bunch of titles, but nonetheless here's Nothing Barred, The Persecutor, The Rag Dolls and Bondage.

16 February 2005
There's a couple of real classics from the early-1970s here: Ted Lewis' Carter and Dee Wells' Jane. Just to be on the safe side, there's also a neat piece of trash with The Friends of Lucifer.

30 January 2005
Well, The King Lives On may not be up to much, but The Hardliners is definitely worth your attention. And there's a new biker scan in the shape of A Place in Hell.

23 January 2005
You'll be getting used to the interruptions in service by now, I expect. Work obligations, you know. Anyway here's a brace of minor pieces from the 1960s - Diane Cilento's The Manipulator and Bill McGhee's Cut and Run - together with a new disco book and a scan of of another edition of Up the Junction.

5 January 2005
A terribly topical book: Walter Harris' 1976 novel The Fifth Horseman, about a tidal wave wiping our most of Britain and Northern Europe.

23 December 2004
A couple of decent British novels from the '70s - Kronk and Pastime - together with the less impressive Barbara Windsor's Book of Boobs.

11 December 2004
Maybe I should just accept that updates aren't coming as frequently as they used to. Anyway, here are two stormers here - Big Morning Blues and The Year of the Angry Rabbit - plus one clunker with Hussy. Oh and there's another episode of The Tomorrow People.

13 November 2004
Just one addition today: The Human Pipeline, a novel based on The Sweeney. Quite interesting it is, too.

10 November 2004
Here's a characteristic '50s pulp novel, The Canvas Coffin, a poor set of novelizations in The Hammer Horror Film Omnibus and a classic bit of terrorism in The Voice of Armageddon. Also, with my thanks to Mr James Morrison, some new scans for existing reviews: The Captives, The Body and The Hollow Sunday, together with a trio of novels by the great John Summers: Edge of Violence, The Rag Parade and Dylan.

7 October 2004
Here's some new additions, the first two of 'em not very good, I have to say, though the others are good 'uns: There's A Girl In My Soup, The Persuaders, And Now The Screaming Starts... and Five To Twelve. Also a new cover scan for The Tight White Collar.

what was new
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