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April-June 2002

Edogawa 30 June 2002
Edogawa Rampo Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination

on the day that a glorious World Cup closes in Yokohama, a look at one of the glories of Japanese culture
Requiem for a Mod 28 June 2002
Alan Fletcher Quadrophenia

mourning the death of John 'The Ox' Entwhistle
Tokyo Olympics
Tokyo Olympics
24 June 2002
Keith Murgatroyd Modern Graphics

as we head toward the World Cup Final, the poster from the last great sporting festival staged in Japan
the fictional Elvis 20 June 2002
Mark Childress Tender

to celebrate Elvis scoring a record-breaking 18th #1 hit, thus seeing off the challenge of those whippersnapping Beatles
let's spend the knight together 15 June 2002
J Marks Mick Jagger

'Sir' Mick Jagger? Difficult to know who's worse: Jagger for being a grovelling sycophant or Blair for thinking he's a hip young gunslinger
bacon 12 June 2002
Tine Holm I, A Teenager

England having qualified to meet Denmark in the second round of the World Cup, here's a tribute to Danish culture
Boom! 7 June 2002
Jon Burmeister The Weatherman Guy

terrorism as part of American culture
What do you think of it so far? 31 May 2002
Eric Morecambe Over The Moon ... Sick As A Parrot

thank god the World Cup's finally here - and to mark the occasion, here's Eric's book on the subject from 1982
sick science 25 May 2002
Michael Fisher The Captives

Tony Blair came out in support of animal experimentation this week - but what about human experimentation?
The Wrestling 19 May 2002
Simon Garfield The Wrestling

in memory of Davey Boy Smith, the British Bulldog, whose death was announced today
Yer Arsenal 8 May 2002
David McDaniel The Arsenal Out Of Time

Arsenal completing the League/Cup Double by winning at Old Trafford? Who'd have thunk it?
Old Age Labour 2 May 2002
Chris Mullin A Very British Coup

the sixth year of 'New' Labour in power starts and we remember that the Labour Party was radical once upon a time
I wanna be anarchy 27 April 2002
M. Gilliland The Free

an anarchist novel to celebrate the centuries-old tradition of having a bit of a ruck on Mayday
Leader of the Gang 24 April 2002
Gillian Freeman The Leader

Le Pen makes it thru' to the final vote in the French Presidential elections, so here's a novel about modern fascism
There'll always be a North Pole as well 19 April 2002
David Pinner There'll Always Be An England

a patriotic title in the run-up to St George's Day
bye bye, SDP, bye bye 5 April 2002
Hugh Stephenson Claret and Chips

20 years ago the Falklands Task Force sank the SDP's electoral prospects

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