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July-September 2002

family values 28 September 2002
Clive Irving, Jeremy Wallington, Ron Hall Scandal '63

I am unable and unwilling to contemplate the image of John Major & Edwina Currie having sex, so here's a more palatable Tory scandal
Oh, what fun Jihad 22 September 2002
CK Chandler God Told Me To

this is presumably the line of defence that Bush & Blair will adopt when they're charged with war crimes against Islam
Black Man's Burdon 15 September 2002
GF Newman The Abduction

the news out of Zimbabwe doesn't get any better (or better reported) so here's a reminder of the evil that was Rhodesia
RIP Allende 11 September 2002
Arthur Woodstone Nixon's Head

to mark the other anniversary - the day Pinochet destroyed Chilean democracy with the enthusiastic backing of Nixon's administration
That Tony Blair's a cunt, isn't he? 8 September 2002
George Romero Dawn of the Dead

after a week of Tony Blair telling us that it's okay to kill people in the name of democracy and oil, it's a relief to turn to some more intelligent life-forms
now I'm getting really annoyed 2 September 2002
Richard Bachman Rage

back to school, then, kids - the new term starts today, but beware of geeks bearing weapons
let me through, I'm a censor 29 August 2002
David Gurney The 'F' Certificate

the '12' certificate has been replaced by '12A', so that little kiddies can be scared by Spiderman and film companies can make a few extra bucks
Angry? They were furious. 23 August 2002
Alan Burns The Angry Brigade

marking the 75th anniversary of the judicial murder of anarchists Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti - plus ça change &c.
the divine Leon 20 August 2002
Denver Walker Quite Right, Mr Trotsky

on the 62nd anniversary of Leon Trotsky's fatal encounter with an ice-pick, a Stalinist writes...
when the levee breaks 16 August 2002
Michael McDowell Blackwater

selected in horror as we watch the worst floods for a century destroy swathes of Central Europe
leaving 'Nam 13 August 2002
William Wilson The LBJ Brigade

thirty years to the day after the last US troops left Vietnam, and still the dumb-ass talk of military adventurism continues
St Debbie 9 August 2002
Jack Martin Videodrome

according to polls of directors and critics published today by Sight & Sound the best film ever is (yawn) Citizen Kane; round these parts we prefer Mr Cronenberg
suave 3 August 2002
Rex Balfour Bryan Ferry

Country Life 2002: Bryan's son, Otis Ferry, was arrested this week on a pro-hunting demo outside Tony Blair's house. (Otis?)
coming out to play 29 July 2002
Bryan Magee One in Twenty

Alan Duncan has become the first Tory MP to come out, so here's a book by a former MP on gay rights
eating people is wrong 26 July 2002
David Rome The Cannibals

an Australian novel to mark the opening of the Commonwealth Games
thumbs 19 July 2002
Harold K Banks The Strangler

on the day we learn that Dr Harold Shipman murdered 215 people, here's a serial killer from a more innocent era
Aceeeiiid 14 July 2002
Alan Bestic Turn Me On Man

Blunkett announces the de facto legalisation of cannabis, while we warn of the dangers of drugs
tattoo you 9 July 2002
Ray Bradbury The Illustrated Man

in memory of Rod Steiger, who died today
free at last 4 July 2002
Dean Devlin, Roland Emmerich & Stephen Molstad Independence Day

well, it's Independence Day isn't it?

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