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July-September 2003

light's out 28 September 2003
Max Franklin The Dark

the lights are going out all over Europe with Italy being the latest country to suffer a power-cut
over-paid and under-sold 24 September 2003
John Gill Hype

despite all the publicity, Madonna's children's book has disasterously sold just 8000 copies in Britain - ha ha ha
he walked the line 12 September 2003
Christopher S Wren Winners Got Scars Too

in memory of the great Johnny Cash, who died today in Nashville
trains & boats & planes 11 September 2003
Paul Bryers Hollow Target

a terrorist novel to mark the anniversary of the attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center
covering up 4 September 2003
William Haggard The Doubtful Disciple

as the Hutton 'Enquiry' comes to the end of its first phase, here's a book about another British scientist researching biological weapons
farewell, grapple fans 29 August 2003
Tony Van Den Bergh The Padded Ring

we say goodbye to wrestling commentator Kent Walton, who died on 24 August 2003 at the age of 86 - have a good week till next week
still dreaming 28 August 2003
Martin Luther King, Jr Why We Can't Wait

40 years on from Dr King's dream
living on an island 21 August 2003
Michael Hardwicke Prisoner of the Devil

an ironic comment on island dwelling
death of a fascist 16 August 2003
Alan Coren Further Bulletins of Idi Amin

completing a good week for dead fascists, we celebrate the death of Amin
death of a fascist 13 August 2003
Gillian Freeman Nazi Lady

Diana Mosley is dead - hurrah!
a buddy buddy novel 8 August 2003
James Robert Baker Tim & Pete

the South African government today announced it was at last going to take Aids/HIV seriously
have a drink on me 1 August 2003
George Moor The Pole and Whistle

July was a dry month in my calendar, but today I'm allowed to have a drink again
everybody's talking 20 July 2003
James Leo Herlihy Midnight Cowboy

mourning the death today of John Schlesinger, director of Midnight Cowboy
grasshopper 20 July 2003
Howard Lee Kung Fu

to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee
resistance 17 July 2003
Trevor Hoyle Blake's 7

the US occupying forces in Iraq admitted today that those opposing them are not terrorists but guerrillas
rivers of blood 10 July 2003
Arthur Wise Who Killed Enoch Powell?

it's the 35th anniversary of the passing of the Race Relations Act that outlawed discrimination in housing and employment (but left the police to their own devices)
fuck Amerikka 4 July 2003
Devlin, Emerich & Molstad Independence Day

British citizens to be tried by illegal American military tribunals, whilst our government does nothing about it? So much for our independence then
some are more equal than others 2 July 2003
Pamela Kettle The Day of the Women

on the 75th anniversary of women getting the vote in Britain

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