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April-June 2004

RIP 25 June 2004
Susan Hill Breaking Glass

in memory of Ms Hill, who died on 18 May
the lad done well 21 June 2004
James Robert Baker Boy Wonder

another two goals for Wayne Rooney in Euro 2004 - and on a school night as well
not muggy bonehead 12 June 2004
Eric Morecambe Over the Moon ... Sick as a Parrot

we welcome the start of Euro 2004
...mais jamais le guerre 4 June 2004
Bernard Newman The Blue Ants

it's 15 years since the Tiananmen Square demonstration was crushed
PEN 29 May 2004
Gillian Freeman The Marriage Machine

one of the truly great modern writers on the occasion of International Writers' Day
elementary 22 May 2004
Adrian Conan Doyle & John Dickson Carr The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

it's the 145th anniversary of the birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
bye bye, Piers 14 May 2004
Keith Colquhoun Goebbels & Gladys

a tale of Fleet Street excess to celebrate the enforced departure of Piers Morgan from the Daily Mirror
smile, darn ya, smile 1 May 2004
Ray Russell Unholy Trinity

some tales of terror from Eastern Europe to celebrate the enlargement of the EU
Happy birthday, Shakey 23 April 2004
David Pinner There'll Always Be An England

a happy St George's Day to you
white trash 21 April 2004
John Burke Till Death Us Do Part

Ron Atkinson leaves ITV Sport after his racist abuse of Marcel Desailly
ahh, Jim lad 9 April 2004
Dave Cash All Night Long

as we celebrate Good Friday, we look back to the first ever broadcast by Radio Caroline on Good Friday, 40 years ago
non 5 April 2004
Robert Byrne The Tunnel

it's the centenary of the alleged entente cordiale

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