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July-September 2004

tally ho 15 September 2004
Sarban The Sound Of His Horn

as New 'Labour' makes yet another attempt to outlaw hunting
wot i wrote 7 September 2004
Alwyn W Turner The Biba Experience

a new book, published today
och aye 19 August 2004
Edmund Cooper Who Needs Men?

spirited adventures in the Highlands, where I'm on holiday
mourning 9 August 2004
Delos W Lovelace King Kong

it is announced that Ms Fay Wray died yesterday
scandal 2 August 2004
Tara Hanks Wicked Baby

Sven isn't the first man in public life to have sex, you know...
Xperiment 27 July 2004
Michael Fisher The Captives

the government's promising tougher laws for animal rights terrorists
Heil Tony 21 July 2004
Gillian Freeman The Leader

ten years since Little Tony Blair became leader of what used to be the Labour Party
Pat & Paul 19 July 2004
EJ Thribb So, Farewell Then...

in memory of two decent men: Pat Roach who died on Saturday and Paul Foot who died today
Vive La France 10 July 2004
Etienne Aubin The Terror of the Seven Crypts

a novel set in France, where I'm going on my holidays today
a contender 2 July 2004
Richard Alley Last Tango In Paris

the death was announced today of Marlon Brando
Fe godwin ni eto 1 July 2004
Roy Clews To Dream of Freedom

35 years since the Investiture of a foreigner as the so-called Prince of Wales

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