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October-December 2003

happy xmas 24 December 2004
Eddie Braben The Best of Morecambe & Wise

it's the traditional appearance of Eric & Ernie at Christmas
god is dead 10 December 2004
Jeremy Pascall God: The Ultimate Autobiography

as the government proposes to outlaw religious hatred, let's be clear - religion is hateful and deserves to be mocked
WAD 1 December 2004
James Robert Baker Tim & Pete

it's World Aids Day
Bang! 23 November 2004
Jon Burmeister The Weatherman Guy

as the Queen opens the new session of Parliament, we remember Mr Fawkes and his successors
Whoops! 11 November 2003
Hal Lindsey There's A New World Coming

it's Armistice Day, and still we're at war - it'll all be over by Christmas, no doubt
stone me 2 November 2004
Heathcote Williams Hancock's Last Half Hour

fifty years to the day since the greatest ever radio sitcom was first broadcast
grinderswitch 26 October 2004
John Peel

in memory of a great man, who died today
say hello 18 October 2004
Mark Dawson The Art of Falling Apart

our best wishes to Marc Almond, in hospital following a motorcycle crash
calm down, calm down 15 October 2004
Keith Miles Boys From The Blackstuff

Boris Johnson apologizes for a Spectator article saying Liverpudlians 'cannot accept that they might have made any contribution to their misfortunes, but seek rather to blame someone else for it'
put 'em away, luv 12 October 2004
Ian Kennedy Martin Regan

twenty years after the Brighton bomb, it's the Sweeney vs the IRA
cold showers 4 October 2004
Robert Bloch Psycho

in memory of Ms Janet Leigh, who died today

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