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April-June 2005

watching over you 18 June 2005
John McNeil Little Brother

the government tries yet again to keep track of us as the ID card Bill returns to the Commons
Vive la difference 18 June 2005
Etienne Aubin The Terror of the Seven Crypts

on the 190th anniversary of Waterloo, Tony Blair suddenly remembers he's British and stands up to the French
Non! 5 June 2005
Walter Harris Saliva

30 years to the day since we voted to stay in the Common Market - we won't get fooled again
deep throating 31 May 2005
The Washington Post The Fall of a President

after all these years, Mark Felt outs himself as Deep Throat (course I knew it was him all along)
are you thinking what I'm thinking? 5 May 2005
Robin Cade The Fear Dealers

finally, it's election day
an heroic struggle 30 April 2005
William Wilson The LBJ Brigade

the Iraq War enters the election debate just as we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of Saigon
pandering 18 April 2005
Thomas Luke The Hell Candidate

Michael Howard steps up the anti-immigration rhetoric
the perils of democracy 5 April 2005
Gus Weill The Fuhrer Seed

as Little Tony Blair calls an election, we start a month of political campaigning

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