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July-September 2004

Deep South 1 September 2005
Michael McDowell Blackwater

New Orleans destroyed by floods...
Nippon 15 August 2005
Edogawa Rampo Japanese Tales of Mystery & Imagination

In a spirit of forgiveness, we mark the 60th anniversary of VJ-Day with some Japanese culture.
save our porn 15 August 2005
Paul V Dallas Binding With Briars

The government's coming after violent porn now.Just leave us alone, for pity's sake.
evil shit 5 August 2005
Arthur Wise Who Killed Enoch Powell?

Blair announces he wants to close down bookshops in the name of the 'war' against 'terror'. Is it illegal to wish him a speedy and painful demise? Politically, of course.
bye bye Teddy 17 July 2005
Iain Sproat Edward Heath

we mourn the death of a decent man (and a disastrous Prime Minister)
pin-ups 11 July 2005
Chris Welch Adam & The Ants

the opening of the Suffragette Cities posters exhibition
terror 7 July 2005
Donald Seaman The Committee

London attacked by terrorists

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