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The Biba Experience

A Brief Note From The Site's Author

I must apologise for the sheer triviality of this site. I spend a great deal of my time writing trivial nonsense - mostly for games - and I sometimes have trouble stopping myself.

Over the last twenty-five years or so I have frequented charity shops (and - occasionally - orthodox second-hand bookshops) on a pretty much compulsive basis. The inability to walk out of a charity shop without a book is one of my worst habits, outranked perhaps only my inability to throw any books away. What you can see on this site covers a small selection of some of the stuff I've acquired. Some of the books are obviously bought simply for the joke of a cover or title, others represent fields that I'm genuinely interested in. And still others were bought for reasons that I've long since forgotten.

I'm not quite sure what the point of this site is, but bits of it might amuse someone. You never know.

Alwyn W Turner

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