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ed. by Peter Haining
More Tales of Unknown Horror
(New English Library, London, 1979)
price: 80p; 144 pages

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Introduction - Peter Haining
Dr Immortelle - Kathleen Ludwick
The Passing of Van Mitten - Claude Farrere
The River of Death - Fred M White
Morning on the Wissahiccon - Edgar Allan Poe
The Spider's Eye - Fitz James O'Brien
A Shot at the Sun - MP Shiel
The Little Man on the Subway - Isaac Asimov & James MacCreigh
The Undead Die - E Everett Evans & Ray Bradbury
Delenda Est - Robert E Howard
On the Theatre Steps - Rosemary Timperley
Between Eight and Eight - CS Forester
The Night of the Tiger - Stephen King

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