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It has been scientifically proved that if you bought three anthologies of horror stories in the 1970s, one of them was statistically certain to have been edited by Peter Haining.

Born in 1940, Haining became one of Britain's leading authorities on horror, with a particular emphasis on early Gothic and on the classic English ghost story. At a time when 19th century Gothic fiction was difficult to come by, his compilations were often the only available source of such material for the general reader. Taking a firm stand against the then ubiquitous Pan series and its ilk, Haining favoured the subtle and the classic over the shocking and the graphic. He also strove to broaden the repertoire of the anthology beyond the familiar handful of tales that turned up over and over again. In the process he uncovered many hitherto obscure stories and, if he wasn't always followed by compilers of other volumes, he can hardly be blamed for their failures.

In tribute to one of the great anthologists, therefore, here's a random selection of a dozen of Peter Haining's books, including his masterpiece double volume of Gothic stories from Britain, Europe and America.

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The Ghouls Book One

Weird Tales

More Weird Tales

The Midnight People

The Craft of Terror

The Black Magic Omnibus Volume 2

Great British Tales of Terror

Great Tales of Terror from Europe and America

Everyman's Book of Classic Horror Stories

First Book of Unknown Tales of Horror

Tales of Unknown Horror

More Tales of Unknown Horror

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