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Weird Tales
(Sphere, London, 1978)
price: 85p; 240 pages
(first published in Great Britain in one facsimile volume by Neville Spearman, 1976)

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Introduction - Peter Haining
The Man Who Returned - Edmund Hamilton
Black Hound of Death - Robert E Howard
The Shuttered House - August W Derleth
Frozen Beauty - Seabury Quinn
Haunting Columns - Robert E Howard
Beyond the Wall of Sleep - HP Lovecraft
The Garden of Adompha - Clark Ashton Smith
Cordelia's Song - Vincent Starrett
Beyond the Phoenix - Henry Kuttner
The Black Monk - GG Pendarves
The Passing of a God - Henry S Whitehead
They Run Again - Leah Bodine Drake
The Eyrie - Readers' Letters

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