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Midwood, New York, 1964
(price: 75c; 256 pages)

The blurb on the back:

Two kinds of love treated separately and brilliantly by two great authors...
Immoral - This gripping novel proposes the following question: Can love between husband and wife not only exist concurrent with physical infidelity but be, in fact, nourished and strengthened by it? True or false?
Forbidden - It began as a curious experiment, strictly a one-time-thing, a harmless excursion into a strange and fascinating twilight world. But one having tasted, Holly Kingdon discovered she could not do without more of the forbidden fruit.

opening lines:
The town of Demeter was gripped by a merciless heat wave, a fact made official by the afternoon newspaper which announced to one and all that it was the hottest June tenth on record and that there had been several heat prostration cases in town as well as a drowning at the lake.

This is another of those two-novels-in-one-book types (see also Teen Tease/Never Too Young and Nights of Sodom/The New Slave Masters) which seem to have been popular in 1960s US porn. And the only difference is that it's a bit better written than the others:

She arched, hissing at the intensity of her pleasure, her nails digging into his shoulders, her heels venomously punishing his body, preventing any chance of withdrawal, canceling any hope of compassion. 'Now,' she gasped, quaking with mounting passion, 'tell me. I want to hear you say it. I want you to admit it out loud. You want me to get you that promotion, don't you? You want me to go to bed with Matt Kirkland, don't you? Say it, damn you ... say it!' (pp. 29-30)

I'm also intrigued by the fact that the first of the two novellas (novellae?) is set in a town called Demeter - the Greek goddess of corn is a curious name to drop in this sort of context.

Both the authors here were regulars in the field (assuming that they were real people and not just house-pseudonyms), with the following titles to their credit:

Jason Hytes
The Awakening
Bad By Choice
Come One, Come All
The Doctor and the Dike
One Way Ticket
Sex Before Six
Swing Low Sweet Sinner
The Teaser
Teen-Age Tramp
This Girl
A Time of Torment
Too Much Woman
Wait Your Turn
The Wild Week
Yesterday's Virgin
Kimberly Kemp
A Bit of Fluff
The Houseguest
Illicit Interlude
Intimate Nurse
A Labor of Love
Lap of Luxury
The Last Resort
Love Like a Shadow
Nothing To Lose
Operation: Sex
Perfume and Pain
Play With Me
Private Party
Two Women
A World All Their Own

Other than that, I don't really have anything to say.


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