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Lover Comelately

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Yank, New York, 1960
(price: 50c; 128 pages)

The blurb on the back:

Our UK Agents can offer the following in this Series of Novels...

opening lines:
When Johnny Barnes eased his Ford into the carport under his apartment and noticed the light, burning in his bedroom, he cursed under his breath and told himself, no, it couldn't be. Not the inevitable. It couldn't be happening again.

I have no idea what this is supposed to be about. The whole point of pornography has always been to promise more than you have any intention of delivering - hope springs eternal, and a hopeful fool and his money are soon parted. But even so, there was that period around 1960 when nothing was delivered. Didn't the schmucks buying this stuff ever just give up?

Well, presumably not, 'cos it kept on coming (as it were). This looks fine, has all the right ingredients - including a hero who's a jazz musician and knows one end of a spliff from another - but really, what's the point? Apart, obviously, from the kitsch value we can now derive from writing like this:

'Wow!' Johnny said when he saw her.
She colored slightly. 'Do you like me, Johnny? I want you to like me.'
He hummed his approval. 'Do I ever. You are a real gasser. You know, a sort of old standard. To hell wit this mass production stuff. They had real craftsmen around when you were turned out. You are one model that does not get traded in.' (p.79)

Despite the American price, it looks like the cover is a British addition, since the back lists the first 14 titles in the Yank series and says they're available from Ben's Books, Parkway, London NW1 (sadly, no longer there). Amongst the books are Helena Troy's The Mad and the Damned, Jackson Mitchell's The Nude Senorita and a couple of volumes by our friend Orrie Hitt. Ben can also offer us another series published by Kozy (the parent company of Yank, as I understand it) which includes another undoubted masterpiece from Mr Lessing, Love Under Water and the fabulously titled Virgin of Spare Rib Hill by Craig Barstow.


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