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(price: 35 cents; 192 pages)

The blurb on the back:

BONNIE was one of those 4-B girls: blonde, blue-eyed, busty and beautiful. In fact, there was nothing in the way of womanly equipment that Bonnie lacked - except morals! She never hesitated to flick her fancy flesh in a man's direction ... And when she flicked, Sammy Durkin fell like the others before him.
That left his girl, Audrey Fellows, so lost she gave up on the male species entirely and succumbed to strange desires. That was pretty bad, Sammy admitted, even for this so-called Basin, this teeming slum where vice flourished, sin bloomed and the prostitute was queen.
But Sammy still clung to Bonnie, letting Audrey follow her own perverse path to hell. Until one day he found her ravished by a Basin cop - and at the mercy of little Willie, and his knife!

The odd thing about buying second-hand books is that someone's been there before you and left their traces behind. This fifth-rate bit of early-1960s sexploitation, for example, comes with a couple of passages underlined. (In pencil, please note, this is someone who respects books sufficiently not to leave permanent disfiguring.) So what has the previous owner chosen to underline? Here are three examples:

    It was stinking hot in the place, and the fans didn't do very much, except push the bugs around for a change of scenery. (p.98)
    Edith was the best friend she'd ever had. (p.119)
    He had Red wrapped up tighter than a snake in a bag. (p.148)

What's all that about? Why on earth did someone (a) read that far into what is an absolutely and predictably awful book, and (b) underline sentences seemingly at random?

I have no idea, but thinking about it is much more interesting than reading this damn book.

more Hitt?

According to the British Library catalogue, Mr Hitt is also responsible for:

A Summer Romance (1959)
Pleasure Ground (1959)
Twisted Lovers (1961)
Peeping Tom (1961)
Fast Woman (1968)
The Hired Man (1968)
Made for Man (1968)
Unfaithful Wives (1970)
Beautiful Tramp (aka Lucy) (1972)
Gang-up (1972)
The Excesses of Cherry (aka Sin Doll) (1973)
Never Cheat Alone (1973)
Twisted Passion (aka The Peeper) (1973)
Cheat (1973).

Further volumes include Sins of Flesh and Hotel Hostess, both c.1960. And you may also be interested in Cherry (1963) which is credited to 'Kay Addams as told to Orrie Hitt'.
Some words of caution, however: you should take these dates with a pinch of salt - the porn industry has always been unreliable (and the BL catalogue is not at its best with such works anyway). And by the later period, it's perfectly possible that the name Orrie Hitt was being used as a house-name by other writers.


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