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Motel Mistress

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Art Enterprises Inc, Los Angeles, 1962
(price: 50c; 160 pages)

dedication: To George

The blurb on the back:

... PASSIONATE was the word for Tad Smith's sizzling affair with luscious, sexy Fran - who ran a motel so she could have all the men she could get. But then there were gorgeous, virginal Kim - and her lithe, sex-starved mother, Debra - both offering themselves eagerly! Tad soon found himself playing a hectic three-way ... PARLEY IN PASSION!!!!

opening lines:
Tad looked drunkenly at the woman as she pulled her breasts slowly above her bra and then a moment later slipped out of the pink panties. 'I want it now!' she breathed, pressing her bosom against his naked chest. 'You know how I want it!' she hissed in his ear , clawing her nails along his back.

As ever with these books, much of the joy is be derived from the list in the back of the other exciting titles available from our publisher. There's a real economy in these things, a poetry in the way they encapsulate the very essence of pornography: all promise and no delivery. Try these, for example: Lusty Hillbilly, Campus Sexpot, Harlot Master, Two-Timing Tart, Wanton Witch and Naked Nymph.

To restrict oneself to such a tight formula and then to continue to create is an act worthy of the computers employed by the Ministry of Truth to provide 'culture' for the proles in 1984. But, of course, even in the most well-ordered consumerist society, there's always one rebel prepared to break through the conventions that give our lives such a delightfully predictable quality. And there in the middle of these undoubtedly fine pieces of work is 1976 - Year Of Terror. What the hell is that about?

This book? Oh, it's tish and it's tosh, and its main points of interest are that it has a dedication (fairly rare in this genre), and that it has a double return at the end of each paragraph so that the text can be stretched even thinner.

Fabulous cover, though.