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The Nation's Health

Granada, London, 1983
(picture shows Vivienne Ritchie as Jessie Marvill)

The blurb on the back:

Doctors are only Human... Corrupt, incompetent, unfeeling, tearful, status-obsessed doctors who don't really like their patients are not the sort usually found on the pages of 'medical fiction'. But these are the doctors who people the world G F Newman reveals in this uncompromising, scalpel-sharp picture of health-care today.
In THE NATION'S HEALTH everyone will recognise the incidents and events that strip away the masking gauze from this secret, impenetrable world where people are reduced to sets of symptoms and their fears and anxieties dismissed with a few brusque words.
Compassion, concern, involvement - these are the rocks on which young doctors founder. One such doctor is Jessie Marvill, who is on the lower rung of the medical career structure. Finding herself ground down by the system - a system in which treatments often make people worse rather than better - a crisis develops in her professional and private life, one that causes her to question her basic beliefs in both the value of medicine as practised and her value as a person in her own right.