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based on a television series by Anthony Read
The Baker Street Boys

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BBC/Knight, London, 1983
(price: 95p; 96 pages)

The blurb on the back:

'He called us what?' demanded Wiggins. 'Would-be detectives! Cheek! Why Mr Holmes said to us only a few weeks back that we're more use than a dozen bobbies, each one of us! Lestrade wouldn't know a clue if it bit his ankle for him!'
Arnold Wiggins and his gang, the Baker Street Boys - assistants to the great detective Sherlock Holmes - pit their wits against some of London's most evil criminals in two fast-moving adventures based on the BBC television series The Baker Street Boys.

A typical BBC kids' production, The Baker Street Boys span off at a tangent from the Holmes stories and had no hesitation in playing fast and loose with the material. The name, for a start - what happened to the Irregulars? They sound like a boy band. And since when did Holmes employ girls?

The stories? Well, you wouldn't choose to read them for pleasure, like, but they're okay if you don't mind that kind of thing. They're told by Sergeant Hopkins, which avoids the necessity of doing a Watson impression, and they're harmless enough.

The most notable feature of the TV series was that it gave Adam Woodyatt (playing Shiner) something to do while he waited for Eastenders to turn up.

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