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Remember those sexology books published by Luxor Press* and the like, often with lurid yellow covers? The ones that used to adopt a pseudo-scientific tone, were ideally written by someone with letters after their name, but were very clearly 'For Adults Only'?
No? Oh, well they looked kinda like this...

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sex changeflagellationwomenthe miniskirthouses of shame
Nell in BridewellMaria MonkThe Perfumed GardenSt BridgetKama Sutra
Cruel & MeekLesbosBizarre Sex Undergroundthe lure of lustSexual Deviation
Whips IncorporatedFanny HillHungry PussiesSex After FortyHot Pants

* Appeal for help

I don't know anything about these various publishing imprints, but I would like to.

The earliest of them is the 1963 edition of the Kama Sutra, which is listed as coming from Richard K Champion Publishers. By 1969 the name Richard K Champion was appearing as the author of a book titled The Sweet Smell of Sex, published by Canova - this is the only title of his listed in the British Library catalogue. Is it reasonable to assume that Mr Champion (if there was such a person) was behind the Canova imprint?

And is there any real distinction between these imprints? The presentation is so similar as to suggest that they're fairly interchangeable, and indeed the back pages of The Order of the Rod (published by Canova) advertises the catalogue of Luxor. Amongst the items specified is a reprint of the notorious Catholic-baiting classic Maria Monk, which actually appeared under the imprint of Canova. Meanwhile the addresses of Tallis, Morntide and Lyle Stuart are the same as that of Luxor.

Then there is a book like Maladjusted Female, which looks the same as the others, but actually has a different set of connexions altogether, all of which occur elsewhere on this site. It was originally published in the USA by Midwood Enterprises, was distributed in the UK by Ben's Books and published here by K&G Publications. None of these companies, as far as I know, turn up in any of the Luxor Press family of publishers. (Though Ben's Books did do an edition of the Kama Sutra in 1970.) And K&G have a different address - they were in Hemel Hempstead, while Luxor was in South London.

Essentially what I'm saying in this long ramble is: Can anyone help? Anyone out there know anything about the relationship between Luxor and Richard K Champion? Do let me know.

PS Ben's Books are also represented on this site by Silky magazine, a slightly earlier incarnation of the porn market. In that it's not actually porn at all by today's standards. And in the back of that magazine there is an advert for Ben's Films, who offer a series of 8mm movies (50ft for 30/-, 'strictly for private adult showing') starring the likes of Kim Foster, Rosa Delmai, Paula Page and Jane Russell. Just thought I'd mention it.