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October-December 2002

I wanna be your clone 28 December 2002
David M Rorvik In His Image

the first human clone has been claimed - haven't we been here before?
happy christmas 22 December 2002
The Morecambe & Wise Special

a little bit of Eric & Ernie - because it's Christmas
the lad himself 15 December 2002
Philip Oakes Tony Hancock

BBC-7, a new radio station, is launched with a survey revealing that Tony Hancock is the greatest radio comedian ever - well, we knew that
s/he 10 December 2002
Gilbert Oakley Sex Change & Dress Deviation

the liberalisation continues: transsexuals are to be allowed to change their birth certificates to reflect their new gender
GLF 6 December 2002
Natalia Zabaneh Backlash

the government finally recognizes that maybe lesbian and gay couples should have some legal rights
Happy St Andrew's Day 30 November 2002
Iain Banks Espedair Street

we spend St Andrew's Day in the company of one of Scotland's best novelists
New Labour, New Wankers 23 November 2002
George Shipway The Chilian Club

a Labour government trying to face down striking firefighters - it's the 1970s all over again
mind the gas 21 November 2002
Robert Byrne The Tunnel

28 years since 20 people were killed by the IRA while drinking in Birmingham pubs, and still the murderers haven't been brought to justice
pure evil 15 November 2002
Jean-Paul Denard Jacqueline, Daughter of the Marquis de Sade

the tabloid ghouls finally get their wish and Myra Hindley - the Most Evil Woman In Britain (© the Sun) - has died in jail; another triumph for British justice
Look at the hits on that! 14 November 2002
Timothy Lea Confessions of a Pop Performer

today is the 50th anniversary of the first-ever British singles chart, so here's a book that's nearly as dated and irrelevant as that institution has now become
think of all the hate there is in Red China... 11 November 2002
Bernard Newman The Blue Ants

as we salute the Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, some memories of the golden age of the bamboo curtain
you're nicked, sonny 9 November 2002
Jon Burmeister The Weatherman Guy

some 1970s terrorism in honour of James Kilgore from the Symbionese Liberation Army who was captured in South Africa today, the last SLA member to be caught
Lonnie 4 November 2002
Brian Bird Skiffle

in tribute to the great Lonnie Donegan, who died today
which witch? 31 October 2002
CS Cody The Witching Night

some witches for Hallowe'en
roots 27 October 2002
John Jakes Black In Time

to mark the end of Black History Month, here's a novel about a black time traveller
Elementary, my dear Dreyfuss 19 October 2002
Michael Hardwick Prisoner of the Devil

it's the anniversary of the birth of Alfred Dreyfus, the man framed by the French establishment; luckily Sherlock Holmes is on the case...
illogicality 10 October 2002
Leonard Nimoy Will I Think Of You

a slim volume to celebrate National Poetry Day
miner, footballer, comedian 4 October 2002
Charlie Williams Ee - I've Had Some Laughs

it's Black History Month - so here's a neglected Black British comedy hero

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