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January-March 2003

29 March 2003
There are a handful of new cover scans here that might be of interest to fans of Eric Clapton, The Who and the history of S&M. As for new reviews, I can only offer my apologies: we've got a pretty duff collection this time around - not a classic in sight. Still, maybe there'll be a few takers for The Daughters of Satan, Erotic Paradise, Return of the Werewolf or Beware of Children. No? Oh, well, don't abandon the project - there are a couple of good 'uns coming in a day or two...

23 March 2003
Okay, so I've been busy. But there are a couple of new things to enjoy if you've a mind so to do. There's a brace of novels from Happy Days, and there's a piece of 1960s weirdness in Poppy Mandragora and the New Sex. I'm getting behind on the reviewing, but there's more to come shortly.

12 March 2003
No logic to any of this, of course, but there's a political tale of aliens in House Of Another Kind, this year's birthday book, Motel Mistress and finally some comic book Christians in There's A New World Coming.

7 March 2003
Here's some stuff. There's the novelization of Halloween, together with the first volume of the Nightmare on Elm Street series and an obscure NEL horror story The Terror of the Seven Crypts from the pen of the man who brought us the Skinhead books. Then there are a few new cover scans: two anthologies under the name of Alfred Hitchcock and a biography of Adam and the Ants. The latter came from the wholly admirable collection of Mr Marco Perroni: more to follow.

28 February 2003
Still coming in dribs and drabs, but that's my problem. Meantime, here's an addition to the growing body of work represented here by Gillian Freeman: The Leather Boys.

23 February 2003
Very quiet again this week, for personal reasons, but I'd like to welcome the late, great Mr Eric Morecambe with his first novel Mr Lonely.

16 February 2003
Thin on the ground? Well, yes. But some of us have had demonstrations to go on. Mind you, since the entire bloody country wanted to demonstrate against Little Tony Blair, this isn't much of an excuse (is that rumour about the paternity test true?). Anyway I've got some new stuff on Planet of the Apes, so never mind the width, feel the quality.

8 February 2003
We have here a themed collection of four horror novels: The Bargain, The Hell Candidate, Satan's Child and Ghoul. You're going to have to check them out to find out which are any good.

31 January 2003
For fans of quality literature, we've got a brace of novels about Oscar Wilde. But I can tell from my webstats that this site also attracts some heterosexual men, so I've dug out some classic 1950s pin-up magazines. Gay icons, wives of gay icons, semi-clad young ladies - something for all of you surely?

24 January 2003
My thanks to my good friend Kipling for supplying me with another couple of scans in the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult. Also, while I'm here, there's a lovely cover of a British edition of a Chester Himes book.

23 January 2003
I'm getting all behind, particularly with the movie novelizations, so here's a dozen as I run to try to keep up (these in descending order of interest): Performance, Klute, Shampoo, The Hustler, Deliverance, Picture Mommy Dead, International Velvet, Barquero, Night of the Quarter Moon, Thunderbolt & Lightfoot, Goin' South and finally Over The Top.

17 January 2003
A few children's books this week, some of them really quite good (Chartbreak, Dick Turpin), others really not very good at all (Fireballs From Hell, Young Sherlock Holmes).

14 January 2003
Two former Prime Ministers stand as the extreme ends of Zimbabwean political history: Garfield Todd and Ian Smith - one a towering saintly presence, the other an evil racist. We don't have anything by either of the two men themselves (that would be too obvious), but we do have their children: Judith Todd & Alec Smith.
The real reason for today's update, though, is to proclaim the fact that there's a page featuring books from this site in the new issue of Mojo, the best rock magazine currently available. Since I have a copy of all 111 issues of the publications, I have to say that this gives me very great pleasure indeed. You may want to visit their own website.

11 January 2003
New books this week include yet another re-telling of Bram Stoker's classic novel with Count Dracula, plus an interesting little mid-1970s number, Nightmare and a range of depictions of Babylon in the worlds of TV, politics and country music.

5 January 2003
We start the year as no doubt we shall continue - with all manner of things. A couple of days ago, the stories about the Raelian cloned baby prompted me to search out In His Image - a similar tale from the 1970s, and that is now joined by (deep breath): an early Anthony Burgess piece, One Hand Clapping, a rather nice 1980s gay love story in Eight Days A Week, a terrorist novel of similar vintage entitled Exterminating Angels, and, just in case you think it's all too upbeat, there's a Fiona Richmond novel, From Here To Virginity, and a rubbish bit of Sherlockiana, The Adventure of the Stalwart Companions. Tails off nicely, don't you think?

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