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April-June 2003

fair's fair 28 June 2003
Ray Evans Albion Market

to mark a weekend of campaigning for fair trade
sexsexsexsexsexsexsexsex 24 June 2003
Wilson Bryan Key Subliminal Seduction

to celebrate the launch of yet another sister site, Flogging Dead Horses
pot the reds, then screw back 21 June 2003
Peter Saxon Satan's Child

we mark the Solstice and the release of the most hyped book ever (something about Pansy Potter), with another book altogether
we are neighbours 17 June 2003
Roland Topor The Tenant

because everybody needs good neighbours (for a friend)
unlucky for some 13 June 2003
Ray Russell Unholy Trinity

gothic horror to mark another Friday the 13th
the other O 8 June 2003
Renato Ghiotto The Slave

the Editor's choice
the Divine Marquis 2 June 2003
Marquis de Sade Justine

to celebrate the birthday of the Marquis de Sade
Russian tanks in Whitehall 30 May 2003
Constantine Fitzgibbon When The Kissing Had To Stop

celebrating the 300th anniversary of St Petersburg with a novel from the days of Leningrad
gone fishin' 21 May 2003
Leo Callan Piranha

30 years ago the first shots were fired in the Cod War between Britain and Iceland
back home 15 May 2003
Colin McInnes Absolute Beginners

a classic London novel to mark my return home
my kind of town 10 May 2003
Todd Strasser Ferris Bueller's Day Off

because it's set in Chicago, and that's where I'm going for a few days
King Eric 4 May 2003
John Gardner The Liquidator

it's Eric Sykes' 80th birthday
riot, kids, riot 1 May 2003
Robert Thom Wild In The Streets

the traditional May Day exhortation to arms
WMD 28 April 2003
Keith Colqhuoun Killing Stalin

a novel about an aging dictator with a dodgy moustache - because it's Saddam Hussein's 66th bithday today
power 22 April 2003
The Professor Angela: Portrait of a Revolutionary

on the 10th anniversary of the murder of Stephen Lawrence, a look back at a key moment in the anti-racist struggle
saved 17 April 2003
Doreen Irvine From Witchcraft To Christ

a devotional text for Holy Week
power to the people 12 April 2003
Christopher Kenworthy Citizen Smith

another day, another anti-war demonstration
The Mad Monk 5 April 2003
MG Lewis The Monk

Will no one rid us of this meddlesome priest? Yes, indeed, here's the religious bigot David Blunkett, happy to change the law so he can take away Sheikh Abu Hamza's citizenship.
US battle honours 3 April 2003
Szulc & Meyer The Cuban Invasion

As we enter the third week of Operation Cakewalk in Iraq and with the future of the world now secure, we remember past glories of US foreign policy.

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