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July-September 2003

29 September 2003
I've got to warn you that these three aren't much good, but just in case any of them tickle your fancy: we have a Civil Rights novel in Tear Gass and Hungry Dogs, a Californian comedy from the Sixties in The Garden of Heaven and Xaviera Hollander's first novel Madame l'Ambassadrice.

20 September 2003
Bus-like, here come three interesting pieces from the Sixties: Friends and Lovers, Our Mother's House and An Absurd Affair Meanwhile, for those following these things, I've added another edition of John Summers' classic The Disaster.

15 September 2003
They may be only scans, but I know some of you are going to enjoy a new batch of four books here: Bizarre Sex Underground, Whips Incorporated, Sexual Deviation and Hungry Pussies. All were generously donated by Mr Steve Thomas, to whom we are indebted.

10 September 2003
Sex manuals are always worth a look, so long as they're old enough. Also added today is another Bowie film tie-in with Christiane F.

5 September 2003
Here's an ill-matched trio then: the novelization of a minor Hammer classic, Kronos, a bit of vintage SF in The Lani People and a poor entrant in the Seventies terrorism stakes, Blow The Four Winds.

2 September 2003
Just the one book in this update, but it's a solid-gold classic that I can't wait to share with you. For those who, like me, thought John Summer's The Disaster was about as good as modern literature gets, here's a revelation, The Raging Summer, a later book from the same author that's even better.

29 August 2003
I'm trying to get these books online as fast as I can, but frankly it feels like a Sisyphean struggle at times. Still here's some more for you: a spin-off from the Sixties TV show The Invaders, an obscure SF anti-car tirade The Four Day Weekend and a recent, decent pop novel, All The Rage.

28 August 2003
To mark the 40th anniversary of the March on Washington, we add a gallery of covers of classic Civil Rights and Black Power books from the Sixties.

21 August 2003
Here's a trio of film tie-ins that might interest you: Inserts, 30 Is A Dangerous Age, Cynthia and Nothing But A Man.

14 August 2003
Only two books in nearly a fortnight? Boy, is this work business getting me down. However, at least they're both brilliant: Jackarandy by Leo Madigan and the return of the tremendous talent of Gillian Freeman in The Marriage Machine.

2 August 2003
I don't read a lot of science fiction, but this week a couple of novels by Algis Budrys gave me great pleasure: Who? and The Falling Torch. Even less normal is the sight of me reading 1950s crime, but here's James M Fox's Code Three. And finally some more standard fare: a bizarre 1970s gay novel in the shape of The Service and a dull rock & roll piece from a couple of years back, The Art of Falling Apart.

26 July 2003
There's a good one here from the Sixties - The Late Boy Wonder - and there's a trio of much lesser curios: Milla, The Brady Bunch and The Strange Case of the End of Civilisation As We Know It.

20 July 2003
This week I have mostly been reading The Rag Parade, the third novel by the very fine John Summers. And a curious trio of additions to existing pages: The Tomorrow People, the Kama Sutra and Was Karl Marx A Satanist? And finally - in response to no public demand whatsoever - a fragment of original fiction, 'Blackwater Jack'.

13 July 2003
A pair of Alan Coren books from the '70s, plus The Inept Seducer, from the '60s. All a bit lightweight for you? Well, then, try the most tasteless book on the site thus far: Buchenwald Hell - that'll get you going.

6 July 2003
Well, I've been busy and hardly had a moment to myself, but I wouldn't want you to think I'd forgotten you so here's a couple of novels by Bob Randall to keep you going. There's also a scan of the original edition of The Savage, courtesy of the good people at the George G Gilman Appreciation Society, and a scan of another edition of the fabulous Boy Wonder - if you haven't checked this out, do so now.

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