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October-December 2003

19 November 2003
This is grinding to a halt, isn't it? Thing is that I've got this deadline for a book I'm writing about Biba (anyone remember the stores? email me) and I don't got much time on my hands. Just to show I'm still alive, however, here's a couple of bonus Peter Saxon scans and Maria Monk, a lovely new addition to our yellow books gallery. There will be more substantial fare at some point, I'm sure.

6 November 2003
We've been away for a bit, because our previous hosts, The Hosting Company, let us down. They're part of 4D Media and I should have spotted the signs when I saw the front page of their site has the quote 'I would recommend 4D Media to anyone' - Peter Mandelson. Anyway we're now with The Domain Warehouse, who seem much more reliable. Sorry about the interruption - I'll try to get things back in order now.

7 October 2003
You'll have got used to it by now, but there's no logic to this selection of additions: Nobody's Fault is literary and very fine, The Man Who Killed Mick Jagger is spectacularly misnamed, The Alpha Experience is poor to middling and God: The Ultimate Autobiography has a few decent gags.

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