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October-December 2003

another loss 28 December 2003
Margaret Forster, Georgy Girl

In memory of Alan Bates, who died today.
iconic 4 December 2003
Rosemary Kingsland, Just A Gigolo

In memory of David Hemmings, who died today.
another one bites the dust 22 November 2003
Tad Szulc & Karl E Meyer, The Cuban Invasion

JFK? The guy from the Bay of Pigs? Oh, he's been dead forty years now.
riot, kids, riot 18 November 2003
Robert Thom Wild In The Streets

just in hope that George W Bush's visit to London goes well
all tht glitters 6 November 2003
George Tremlett The Gary Glitter Story

hello, hello, we're back again - our previous hosts turned out to be rubbish, but now we're back with our new colleagues
monkey magic 21 October 2003
Delos W Lovelace King Kong

I've been away in New York for a couple of days
bigotry 16 October 2003
Jonathan King Bible Two

to celebrate 25 years of the Pope's reign
Taunton 12 October 2003
Auberon Waugh A Bed of Flowers

a novel set in Somerset, cos I'm going to Taunton for a few days
Bye then 9 October 2003
EJ Thribb So, Farewell Then

to celebrate National Poetry Day, here's a promising young chap

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