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January-March 2004

31 March 2004
Just got another edition of James Robert Baker's wonderful Tim & Pete and thought I'd add it to celebrate the unveiling of the government's Civil Relationships Bill. Incidentally, did you notice that this is listed under legislation for which the DTI is responsible. Why the DTI and not the Home Office? Could it be because David Blunkett is a religious bigot whose primitive superstitions make him hate homosexuality? Just wondering.

25 March 2004
Did I mention the new Boston Strangler book? I don't think so. Anyway, that's there, and there's also Cannon and some new scans of The Osmonds and Cliff Richard. Mmm, wholesome.

22 March 2004
Four new reviews, covering an absurd range of material from a 1940s anti-fascist classic, The Aerodrome, to a prime piece of 1970s exploitation, Blonde Genius, and from a public school piece, The Fourth of June to a kids' TV novelization, The Raven. The quality is similarly mixed.

16 March 2004
Them yellow books is always popular, so here's The Perfumed Garden and Lesbos.

10 March 2004
My thanks to Wes, who sent me a scan of the US edition of Performance. Oh, and I found some more horror anthologies.

8 March 2004
A few cover scans, some or none of which you might enjoy: most are in the horror anthologies section, but there's Giselle as well, if you're interested.

3 March 2004
Just the one book today, but it's a good one: Change of Love by Valerie France. Time to do your bit for independent publishers.

2 March 2004
Computer problems, work deadlines, blah blah blah, haven't been keeping my end up, apologies, yada yada yada. Here's some cover-scans to add to existing pages: Bikers at War, Georgy Girl, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Partridge Family and Shaft. And here's a review of Frank Harris' biography of Oscar Wilde.

23 January 2004
A fistful of rock & roll novels for you: Back Street Runner, Big Rock Beat, The Love Parade, King Jude and The Music Machine.

18 January 2004
Just a few scans this time: a trio of Elton John biographies and three new additions to the Dennis Wheatley Library of the Occult, the latter courtesy of Mr Lawrence Sutcliffe.

8 January 2004
Trying to keep things moving along, I offer a trinity of skins, angels and porn from the New English Library: Suedehead, Avenging Angel and The Hard Game.

5 January 2004
I'm going to do better this year, I promise. So here's a trio of Sixties novels: the very good Indecent Assault, the competent The Operators and the very dated The Bomb In the Attic.

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