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April-June 2004

29 June 2004
From the twin extremes of this site come a Sixties cult novel, The Nightclerk, and the novelization of Hi-de-Hi.

24 June 2004
Usual mixed bag then: terrorists with WMD in The Committee, poor '60s would-be porn in Erotic Search and a classic musical with West Side Story. Also a cover-scan of To Dream of Freedom, a history of the Free Wales Army - Fe godwin ni eto.

17 June 2004
Remember Emperor Rosko and Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart? Course you do. So check them out right here. And for those with other tastes, here are Diary of a Masseuse, Phase IV and Sexton Blake's Dead Respectable. And a beautiful new (i.e. first UK) edition of The Man Who Fell To Earth.

12 June 2004
Just so as you know that I'm still awake, here's a trio of alternative covers to books already reviewed: Confessions of a Pop Performer, The Trojan Hearse and Jackarandy.

5 June 2004
A brace of crime thrillers: The Sweeney and The Trojan Hearse. Both recommended.

27 May 2004
By far the most tasteless book on this site so far has been by John Slater and I'm therefore grateful to Warrigal Press for sending me scans of another five covers of Mr Slater's books, at least one of which is even worse. To mark the occasion, I've created a new category of forbidden books. I should warn you - and this is serious - these are books that exist way beyond the pale. It's not a question of political correctness, just decency. But (am I putting in enough caveats here?) I've made an editorial decision that we don't do censorship here: and pulp fiction doesn't always abide by normal rules. So if you don't want to see Nazis, racists and sadists, you shouldn't bother with this section of the site.

26 May 2004
Make of these what you will: Percy's Progress, Plasmid and Z-Car Detective. I don't know what it all means.

24 May 2004
I've added a series of pages dedicated to The Pan Books of Horror Stories. I haven't got all the volumes yet, but I shall one day and I thought I'd better make a start. May not seem like much, but it took a bugger of a long time compiling all the story titles, so I hope you appreciate it.

22 May 2004
I'm still trying with eBay - this time some vintage thrillers.

21 May 2004
I reckon this is the most absurdly mismatched trio I've had for a long while: Les Liaisons Dangereuses (the screenplay, natch), Legend of the Holocaust and Les Dawson's posthumously published The Blade and the Passion. I've also updated a few pages, having recieved further information from Mr Ian Covell, who knows lots of stuff I don't (yes, I know that's true of most people, but he more than most) - my thanks to him.

18 May 2004
I'm really bad at selling anything, but I'm determined to make the effort and so I'm trying out this eBay business of which folk speak so highly. I start with some SF anthologies that are surplus to my requirements - see here.

15 May 2004
When in doubt, add some more cover scans, that's my motto. So here are another fifteen SF anthologies.

12 May 2004
Another Greg Kihn novel? Why not? Here's his first, Horror Show.

17 April 2004
Disperate but worthwhile: Alan Simpson & Ray Galton's 1960s movie The Spy With The Cold Nose, and a 1980s terrorist novel, Questions of Identity.

8 April 2004
A couple of very interesting pieces: Les Dawson's first novel A Card For The Clubs, and a Beatles alternate history Liverpool Fantasy.

2 April 2004
Here's a solid-gold British crime classic in the shape of Villain, together with a cheerfully trashy bit of gay porn in The Son of Fanny Hill. And then there's a brace of scare stories emanating from the rise of feminism in the early-1970s: Who Needs Men? and The Mistress of Downing Street. Hope you enjoy them.

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