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October-December 2004

23 December 2004
A couple of decent British novels from the '70s - Kronk and Pastime - together with the less impressive Barbara Windsor's Book of Boobs.

11 December 2004
Maybe I should just accept that updates aren't coming as frequently as they used to. Anyway, here are two stormers here - Big Morning Blues and The Year of the Angry Rabbit - plus one clunker with Hussy. Oh and there's another episode of The Tomorrow People.

13 November 2004
Just one addition today: The Human Pipeline, a novel based on The Sweeney. Quite interesting it is, too.

10 November 2004
Here's a characteristic '50s pulp novel, The Canvas Coffin, a poor set of novelizations in The Hammer Horror Film Omnibus and a classic bit of terrorism in The Voice of Armageddon. Also, with my thanks to Mr James Morrison, some new scans for existing reviews: The Captives, The Body and The Hollow Sunday, together with a trio of novels by the great John Summers: Edge of Violence, The Rag Parade and Dylan.

7 October 2004
Here's some new additions, the first two of 'em not very good, I have to say, though the others are good 'uns: There's A Girl In My Soup, The Persuaders, And Now The Screaming Starts... and Five To Twelve. Also a new cover scan for The Tight White Collar.

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