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January-March 2004

30 March 2005
A good 'un and a ho-hum 'un Split Scene and Death List.

10 March 2005
These are both worth your attention: The Ballad of the Running Man and The Patriot Game.

8 March 2005
A couple of new sex texts from Luxor Press/Diamond Star. If you haven't caught up with these yet, try 'em out. They're good 'uns.

4 March 2005
There's a new book on the wrestling page, together with some new photos of old school grapplers - so if you want to be reminded of the likes of Mick McManus and Dr Death, check it out.

28 February 2005
Not the most inspiring bunch of titles, but nonetheless here's Nothing Barred, The Persecutor, The Rag Dolls and Bondage.

16 February 2005
There's a couple of real classics from the early-1970s here: Ted Lewis' Carter and Dee Wells' Jane. Just to be on the safe side, there's also a neat piece of trash with The Friends of Lucifer.

30 January 2005
Well, The King Lives On may not be up to much, but The Hardliners is definitely worth your attention. And there's a new biker scan in the shape of A Place in Hell.

23 January 2005
You'll be getting used to the interruptions in service by now, I expect. Work obligations, you know. Anyway here's a brace of minor pieces from the 1960s - Diane Cilento's The Manipulator and Bill McGhee's Cut and Run - together with a new disco book and a scan of of another edition of Up the Junction.

5 January 2005
A terribly topical book: Walter Harris' 1976 novel The Fifth Horseman, about a tidal wave wiping our most of Britain and Northern Europe.

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